Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enroll my student?

Enrollment is an online process by invitation only.  New students will receive an email once the Enrollment Contract is completed and the deposit paid.  Once you receive the email it will provide you access to the online registration portal. Returning students Enrollment and Online Registration can be accessed through the Parent Portal or through the email received by the Admissions Office.  Online Registration will need to be completed by July 15, 2022.

All registration requirements must be completed prior to arriving at Culver.

Will my child receive a computer?

Every student is provided a laptop for academic use for the full academic year. At the conclusion of each school year, students return their computer to the Information Technology Department for repair and updating for the next school year. Each school year, the student starts with a fresh install of Windows and the pre-loaded academic software. Each of the student rooms has wireless internet coverage. Within the parameters governed by the Responsible Use Policy students are allowed to customize the laptop to meet their personal as well as academic needs.

Please note:  The laptop is on lease from a third party, and therefore, must be maintained in good working order. In the event that there is damage to the laptop, the repair will be performed or another working laptop will be issued to the student. Students will be billed for the repair part(s), at cost. Examples of things that would result in student charges include cracked LCDs, scratched LCDs, broken/cracked corners due to being dropped or carried without a case, lost AC adapter or case, stickers, vandalism/ink, liquid damage, and other accidents or negligence resulting in damage to the laptop. Part replacement costs range from $25-$1400. Culver aims to teach students how to become responsible leaders, including respect for property provided for their academic and personal use.  

What is Culver Academies Responsible Use Policy?

This policy defines and describes Culver's commitment to ensure the appropriate use of technology resources, including, but not limited to, computer equipment, software, voice systems, and networks.

The technology resources are provided to support the Academy's educational and business operations. Culver technology resources are the property of Culver; use of these resources is a privilege and not a right. Individuals who are provided access to technology resources assume responsibility for their appropriate use; Culver expects individuals to be careful, honest, responsible and civil, and at all times to be in compliance with all policies and with state and federal law. 

Each student will be required to sign the Responsible Use Policy prior to laptop issue. Here at Culver, we are committed to helping our students develop 21st century skills that will enable them to live productive and healthy lives. Social networking sites play a large role in our students' lives and we are facilitating thoughtful reflection on the myriad choices available and the impact those choices have. We approach the social networking situation from both the networking side (through filters, policies, and restricted access after-hours on the network) and the student responsibility side. Of note, if a cellular data plan is being utilized, Culver cannot control what internet sites are accessed or when they are accessed. The Academy cannot assume responsibility for limiting access to inappropriate websites or media. We strongly believe in equipping our students with understanding in order to self-monitor.

May my child bring a cell phone?

Common courtesy and respect governs the use of cell phones and media devices on campus.

Students are permitted to use cell phones:

  • Within their living units to include the immediate area around the entry points
  • On the outside of the buildings
  • In the field
  • In the fitness center
  • When traveling overnight on a school sponsored trip
  • Departing campus on leave

 When carrying a cell phone outside of the living unit, phones should be out of sight of others with ringers on vibrate. Seniors may use cell phones inside Beason Hall, but not on the Beason patio. 

Cell phones must be turned off during classes, lectures, religious ceremonies, theatre and music performances, and all special events. Instructors may allow the use of electronic devices in the classroom for academic endeavors. If an emergency or special circumstances requires the availability of a electronic device in a classroom, the student should discuss this with the instructor prior to the start of class and gain approval to have the device available in vibrate mode.

Cell phones must not be brought to standardized testing.

How will my student get spending money?

Your student will have access to an ATM on campus. We encourage students to take advantage of the FREE checking account offered through 1st Source Bank, which provides a Resource Plus Card that can be used to make withdrawals from the campus ATM or as a debit card anywhere, on or off campus, you see a Mastercard or NYCE logo. For more details please refer to Student Money Management Solution.

Can I pay my student’s bill online?

Student account payments can be paid online by visiting the Parent Portal and selecting "Pay Invoices". Only credit/debit card or e-check payments are accepted via the Parent Portal.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding my bill?

You can contact Terri Hoffman at 574-842-8264 or Caroline Korkos at 574-842-8227 in Student Services with questions regarding your bill. You may also email studentaccounts@culver.org.

Can students store some of their belongings at Culver over the summer?

Culver Academies partners with DormRoomMovers.com to provide summer storage and shipping services to all interested students. We recognize that the end of year can be a stressful time for students and parents alike. Between finishing exams, packing up, moving out and traveling home, students do not have time to spare. DormRoomMovers.com picks your student's items up from a central location in their assigned unit, stores items over the summer, and has your student's items waiting for them in their new room when they return in the Fall. CGA dormitories have space for very limited summer storage for international students and those who fly to and from campus. However, CMA barracks are no longer able to offer storage. DormRoomMovers.com provides a convenient replacement to the unit storage areas and self-storage options for parents and students.

If you have questions for DormRoomMovers.com, or would like to sign up, please contact DormRoomMovers.com directly at 888-769-3676 or visit their website

Where do students get their hair cut?

There is an on-campus facility staffed with a barber who cuts hair for students. Students may obtain haircuts off campus as long as school standards are met.

What is the difference between a leave and a permit?

A leave involves being away from campus overnight and a permit does not. For more information about leaves and permits, see, “Travel, Permits, and Leaves." Cadets sign out on leave and permit from the Military Activities/Main Guard area, and girls do the same with their resident director. A leave must be planned ahead and turned in by the Wednesday before the weekend; a permit may be spontaneous.

How soon will my son/daughter be allowed to go on weekend leave?

In an effort to assist in new students’ adjustment to Culver, we ask that they not take a full weekend leave until the first weekend following Fall Parents Weekend. However, parents are encouraged to visit their son/daughter on campus.

Who do I contact if I’d like to take another student home for a weekend or my child has been invited to someone else’s home?

Invitations for students to visit your home can be called in, emailed, or faxed to that student’s counselor, Resident Director, or the Student Life Office. To send your child to someone else’s home you will need to provide your permission, verbally, by email, or by fax. Invitations should be extended by the end of the day on Wednesday of the week the leave is being requested.

When do I need to sign my son/daughter out if I’m visiting campus?

Any time that you take your son/daughter off-campus, you should sign him/her out when departing. The time frame in which you will be gone will determine whether you should sign him/her out on permit or leave. Leaves allow a student to be gone overnight while permits do not.

Who do I call if my child’s plane is delayed?

The Student Life Office coordinates the travel information for vacation periods. If your child is delayed, contact that office at 574-842-8140 or the Officer-in-Charge at 574-842-8324 after hours, to relay this information.

What do I do if my child misses the Culver bus at a vacation period?

The Student Life Office at 574-842-8140 or the Officer-in-Charge at 574-842-8324 after hours, should be contacted if your child misses the Culver bus. It’s advisable for a student to carry extra cash in the event that travel difficulties arise. There are no bus shuttles available from Indianapolis.

Students are encouraged to use the Coach USA Bus Shuttle that runs from O’Hare and Midway airports in Chicago to the South Bend Regional Airport in South Bend, Indiana.

This shuttle costs approximately $35 one-way, and the taxi fare from South Bend is approximately $80. A taxi from Indianapolis or Chicago to Culver costs approximately $300.

In case of emergency how will Culver contact me?

For most health emergencies you will be notified first by the Health Center and then subsequently by your child’s counselor/Student Life. This is done through the phone or by email. Please ensure that your information is current and accurate on the Parent Portal

Emergency Travel Card

Whenever Culver provides leave buses to an airport, there will be a chaperone assigned to each bus. Each student will receive a card listing the cell phone numbers for the chaperone, the Student Life Transportation Coordinator, and the Officer-in-Charge on campus. The chaperone will remain at the airport until a designated time. Students should check their flights upon arrival at the airport and report any changes to the chaperone immediately.

For the return trip to campus, the card indicates where to meet the chaperone at the airport. If the student misses his/her flight or bus, they are to call the emergency number immediately.

In the event of an emergency

You can reach your Bus Chaperone at:

Indy: 574-248-0885
Midway: 574-274-7983
O'Hare: 574-274-7984

Or Mrs. Wright in Student Life at 574-842-8140. If you cannot reach the chaperone or Mrs. Wright please call the Officer in Charge 24/7 at 574-842-8324.

Are students allowed to bring their athletic equipment when they register? Example: Hockey sticks, fencing equipment etc.?

Yes, they can. They will be directed to the coaches for storage once they have arrived.

Are there any additional charges to participate in athletics?

Athletic teams may require the purchase of necessary clothing or equipment for practices and/or competition. Culver will try to provide as much clothing and equipment as possible, but sometimes additional individual items are needed for purchase. Additional costs can range anywhere from $50 - $300, depending on the sport and a student-athlete’s equipment needs. Optional athletic gear will be available to purchase through a team if desired, such as additional ‘Reg Rec’ clothing for student-athletes or clothing for parents, friends, supporters, etc. Depending on the sport, there may also be charges for student-athlete memberships in various sport organizations (e.g., USA Hockey, USA Rugby, etc.). Please direct all questions to athletics@culver.org or to the Director, Kevin Cox at kevin.cox@culver.org.

What is the senior banner policy on campus?

To promote the team concept and Culver’s mission while recognizing seniors and their contributions, we will display a senior team banner. Culver Academies provides one senior team banner to be displayed at the proper playing venue during the season. 

Are shoes and coats for CMA cadets included with the uniform or do they need to be purchased separately? Where is the best place to purchase them?

Shoes can be purchased at home or here, but preferably here at the Uniform Department. The requirement is a black leather, smooth toed military laced shoe. Black overcoats are part of the uniform issue, and you have the option to purchase or rent these at Culver ($30 annually). The uniform issue also includes 2 Fatigue C's, which is a winter coat.

What civilian clothes are the cadets allowed to bring?

Cadets may have 1 set casual pants (not jeans), collared shirts (polo, dress), belt and appropriate shoes for any occasion in which civilian attire is authorized, such as a dance.

Are window fans allowed?

Yes, box fans measuring 2-feet square are allowed.

Are mattress pads allowed?

Mattress pads, no more than 2 inches deep, extra long with deep pockets are preferred and can be purchased at Uniform. The Uniform Department does not offer storage or cleaning service.

On registration day can my child leave campus with me?

Once students have registered and checked in, Culver will assume responsibility for them and they will be engaged in orientation activities. However, we understand that some may still need to make a trip to the store with their parents. Please check with your students' counselor before leaving campus to discuss whether the timing is conducive.

Who will oversee my child’s progress?

The unit/dorm counselor has responsibility for overseeing your child’s day-to-day well-being. If you have questions about your child’s progress, the counselor is the best person to contact. This handbook lists contact information for all counselors.

Who do I contact if I have questions before my son or daughter starts school?

Contact the Student Life Office at 574-842-8100 if you have questions during the summer.

Where do I find out more about how Culver's Advising works?

You can view videos with information and tips from the Academic Affairs office, or you can email us any and all questions at Advising@culver.org

how do I enroll


Where do I buy textbooks?

The online bookstore will be open on August 1st with free shipping until August 14th for any order over $100 and shipped within the continental United States. Schedules will be loaded into the bookstore so  students can enter their Student ID (this will be emailed to you in July) and "shop By Schedule". Our online bookstore is http://bnck-12.com/culver. Please have books shipped to your home address if possible. The recommendation is to order your books for the entire school year as you will receive free shipping only at the start of the school year.

What is Block Scheduling?

The most important element of the schedule is the extended learning time. To support learning, longer time blocks provide for in-depth instruction, deeper understanding, and student-centered teaching methodologies. The extended class time of 85 minutes allows the number of classes in a term to be reduced. For example, a tenth grader will complete geometry in 2 terms. All students will have increased time with teachers and peers, to truly learn and achieve deeper understanding. There are four class periods in each day, four terms in the year, and two grading periods in each term. This same geometry class meets for two out of the four terms. When geometry is completed, the student begins study in a new discipline. For further information view the block schedule.

Does my child need any specific academic supplies?

The Mathematics Department requires each student to have a Texas Instruments TI-84 plus graphing calculator and to bring it to class daily. A school supply list and bookstore information can be found here.

What if my child needs extra help outside class time?

Culver provides many different means of learning support for students. Depending on the individual student’s needs, he or she may be asked to drop in to the Math Help Center or the Science Help Center. Students could be assigned to a tutorial session for one-on-one teacher support, or they may be assigned to Evening Learning Support for closer monitoring of homework completion. Peer tutors are available during Evening Learning Support, as well. Teachers are available after classes between 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by appointment. Contact Lizziey Sherk, Director of Learning Resources at 574-842-8424.

What are Culver’s Academic Standards?

To be in good academic standing, students are expected to be passing three solid classes (which meet every day) or two solid classes and two non-solid classes.

Ninth and tenth grade students must maintain a grade point average of 2.40 while eleventh and twelfth grade students must sustain a 2.70 grade point average.

Are there summer reading requirements for my student?

Current research on reading suggests that one of the things students most need is quite simple: more reading practice. Practice increases a student’s familiarity with various sentence structures, historical time periods, character arcs, and genres—all of which makes each subsequent time the student reads easier.

As a result, we do not require students to prepare a set reading list, but ask that they find texts of interest to them and read for approximately six hours each week. Help them choose books that they enjoy, and, if you feel inclined, read with them and discuss! This practice is one of the most valuable supports you can give them for their academic development.

Private Music Lessons

$340 per term - Culver students may take private music lessons as a class, for credit, in piano, guitar, voice, band and orchestra instruments, jazz improvisation, and composition. This is an opportunity for any student who wishes to seriously explore their musical studies, or for those who just want to try something new. All ability levels are accepted. A discounted rate of $130 is offered to students who are participating in an academic ensemble. Need based financial assistance is also available. Please contact Jenna Odom for more information.

Drivers Education 

Students are encouraged to take Drivers Education at home during the summer. When this is not an option, our students have had success with either Hoosier Driving Academy, 574-936-2659 or Road Star Driving School 574-780-2291.