Accounting, Billing, and Charges

Business Office/Student Services

Tuition for 2021-2022

Boarding Student.....$54,500
Day Student..............$44,500


A $2,725 non-refundable deposit and the enrollment agreement are due May 1.  If the contract is received without the required deposit, the student is not considered enrolled.  For a one-time payment, the remaining balance of tuition is due July 1. For a 10-month payment plan, the first payment is due July 1.


Culver will refund 50% of the tuition balance (excluding deposit) for students who were dismissed or whose parents provided written notice of withdrawal to the registrar and Director of Enrollment on/before December 1st. Students who were dismissed or gave notice of withdrawal after December 1st will not receive a refund of the tuition balance. The tuition balance refers to the total tuition owed.

Billing accounts for students who withdraw or are dismissed will remain open for 45 days after the departure notice.

Veracross Portal

Veracross is our secure school database. Each family has a customized account and login. Parent login information will be provided to new families in mid-June. The Veracross Parent Portal will be the place to go for the school calendar, school directory, classroom information, report cards and tuition invoice.

To ensure that the school can get in touch with you, make sure that all family data is entered into the Veracross family portal, including home or work address, phone numbers, and/or emergency contacts. To review and edit your family’s information, sign in to the Veracross family portal at portals.veracross.com/culver click on “my family” at the top of the page.

Student Accounts

The Culver Academies business office establishes an account for each student. Parents/guardians, or the persons designated on the enrollment contract, are billed through the account for tuition according to the billing schedule selected at enrollment. By the act of registration, class attendance, or participation in other activities associated with enrollment at Culver Academies, the parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for charges assessed to his/her student account. Charges include those for tuition, required uniform charges, certain class and athletics gear and fees, laptop repair fees, name tag replacement
certain field trips and student activities events, college and AP testing, and fines (such as replace or repair of school property, finance charges for late payment, and fees associated with the cost of collection in the event of a delinquency, among others). This financial responsibility is not relieved until payment has been made for any and all charges incurred. 

Parents/guardians can access their students’ online billing account through the Veracross Parent portal.

Statements are available around the 6th of every month with payments due on the 20th of each month. Payments may be made via credit/debit card, secure online e-checks, or by check.  Questions regarding student billings and payments may be directed to Studentaccounts@culver.org or by calling 574-842-8264.

Culver offers families a 10-month payment plan to budget tuition payments. The payment plan is an additional cost of $100 per academic year. 

Student Account Payment Methods

If you are sending a manual check (drawn from a US bank and in US dollars), please allow 7-10 business days for Culver Academies to receive the payment and remember to write your student’s ID# on the check memo field.  Please mail these payments to:

Culver Academies
Attn: Student Services
1300 Academy Road #159
Culver, IN 46511

International payment processing is provided via Flywire, which is quickly and easily accessible through the Veracross Parent Portal for Culver families. Flywire provides a streamlined payment process that focuses on lowering fees associated with international payments and providing discounted exchange rates. 

Payments are due on or before your due date. There is no grace period. Student charge privileges could be withdrawn if an account becomes past due. If your payment is not made by your due date, or you are carrying an outstanding balance, a 2.0% finance charge will be assessed on the previous months’ outstanding balance. 

529 plans 

Culver Academies accepts 529 funds for Boarding School tuition payments. Parents are able to withdraw a maximum of $10,000 per student, per year, for private secondary tuition. Please consult your financial consultant professional with questions about eligibility, and structuring a 529 plan.

Culver also accepts Coverdell ESA funds for Boarding School tuition payments. 

Student Money Management Solution

Culver Academies have partnered with 1st Source Bank to offer an optional full solution for student spending money. 1st Source Bank offers a FREE checking account with no minimum balance, FREE online banking, and a Resource Plus Card that can be used to make withdrawals from the campus ATMs or as a debit card anywhere, on or off campus, you see a Mastercard or NYCE logo. On-campus locations where the card may be used to make purchases are the Campus Store, Snack Bar, or Uniform Shop.

Parents may have online access to the account in order to review account activity and may replenish the account via ACH, money wire, or check. Enrollment kits will be available through online registration. The enrollment forms can also be found at https://www.1stsource.com/culver.  The kit must be printed, completed and returned directly to 1st Source Bank. Bank personnel will be on campus during registration to distribute account materials and answer any questions. Meanwhile any questions may be directed to Kelsey Manson at mansonk@1source.com or culver@1stsource.com.  Phone (800) 513-2360 or 574-892-5941.


An automated teller machine from 1st Source Bank is located on campus in the lower level of the Lay Dining Center, next to the Campus Store. Any student with a major bank card or a 1st Source Bank Resource Plus Card may use the ATM, but, he or she must have a PIN number.

Students with a 1st Source Bank issued card may enjoy the convenience of using the ATM without incurring any fees. All other cards may be subject to a foreign ATM fee. For more information on how to obtain a 1st Source Bank debit card, contact Kelsey Manson at mansonk@1stsource.com or culver@1stsource.com. Phone 800-513-2360 or 574-892-5941.

Charge Card/Student Services

The student ID card will be used as a Culver charge card for items "charged" to a student account such as required uniform items and required classroom charges. Examples of discretionary items not charged to this account include fundraising merchandise, non-required uniform, campus store apparel, Senior Dinner Dance and Culver Global Pathways Spring trip. If you have questions regarding this charge system, please call the Business Office 574-842-8264 or 574-842-8227. The ID card functions as a charge card throughout the school year for uniform purchases. 

Uniform Department

Your child will receive the majority of his/her uniforms at the beginning of the school year. Occasionally, a student may find it helpful to have another piece of clothing. He or she may obtain these items using the charge card. As students earn various awards and /or patches, they can charge these at the Uniform Department.