Understanding Block Scheduling

Daily Schedule for 2019 - 2020

The most important element of Culver’s schedule is the extended learning time. To support learning, longer time blocks provide for in-depth instruction, deeper understanding, and student-centered teaching methodologies. The extended class time of 85 minutes allows the number of classes in a term to be reduced. There are four 85 minute class periods in each day, four terms in the year, and two grading periods in each term. Students receive grades eight times per year.

Grades are reported as follows:

Grading Period 1     Grading Period 2           Term 1 (GP1 & GP2 grades combined)
Grading Period 3     Grading Period 4           Term 2 (GP3 & GP4 grades combined)
Grading Period 5     Grading Period 6           Term 3 (GP5 & GP6 grades combined)
Grading Period 7     Grading Period 8           Term 4 (GP7 & GP8 grades combined)

For example, a tenth grader will complete geometry in a semester (two terms) instead of a full school year; and all students will have increased time with teachers and peers, to truly learn and achieve deeper understanding. When geometry is completed, the student begins study in a new discipline.

View the full grade reporting schedule