College Advising

The purpose of the College Advising Office is to teach Culver students about the college application process, but also to advise and create opportunities for each individual student to discover the best fit academically, socially, athletically, and personally. In educating students at Culver in the “whole person” philosophy, we are seeking educational opportunities and enrichment that will allow this philosophy to continue long after Culver. We recognize that all students are different and that “one size” does not fit all. As parents, you are part of this process, and we want you to be engaged immediately, but we also hope that you will utilize our expertise in assisting and guiding you and your students through this process. We know the college application process will be an important part of their Culver Experience. Below are some points of emphasis that begin during their first year at Culver. 

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9th and 10th Grade

9th and 10th graders will take the PSAT in October of each year. Students are encouraged to take the most challenging classes they can handle.

  • Students should use Khan Academy to prepare for the PSAT

  • PSAT scores are sent directly to students by The College Board. Academic Advising will review with students how to read these reports and how to use these reports in their on-going test preparation.

  • Students and parents are encouraged to begin visiting colleges and universities during the spring and summer of their junior year, if not sooner.

  • Students are encouraged to visit colleges and universities during scheduled breaks from school (Spring Break, Long Weekend, Thanksgiving or Winter Break) to understand what schools are looking for in the college admissions process.

  • Parents are encouraged to call the College Advising Office in addition to e-mail, so we can get to know you and your students as well as possible before the college application process actually begins.

  • Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to meet with college and university representatives who visit the Culver campus in the fall and spring of each school year at the invitation of the College Advising Office. Students should watch for upcoming college visits in their Schoology Events feed and on the Student Portal calendar.

  • Parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend college advising meetings, which are held during the fall and spring parents weekends. These sessions are extremely helpful in understanding the college admissions process.

11th and 12th Grade

11th graders will take the PSAT in October to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship Program, National Achievement Program, and National Hispanic Scholars Program.

  • Students are encouraged to take the most challenging classes they can handle

  • Students are encouraged to earn the best grades possible each year since grades and strength of schedule have the greatest influence in the college admissions process.

  • Parents and students are encouraged to begin visiting colleges and universities during the spring and summer of their junior year, if not sooner.

  • Students will seek letters of recommendation in the spring of their junior year.

  • Students will be enrolled in mandatory college advising classes during the third term of their junior year and fall of their senior year.

  • Students will begin taking ACTs and SATs in December of the junior year. Before the end of junior year most students will have taken two ACTs, two SATs.

  • Juniors and seniors are encouraged to meet with college and university representatives who visit the Culver campus in the fall and spring of each school year.

  • Students should be using the available Test Preparation options to prepare for the PSAT, ACT, and SAT.

  • Students and parents are encouraged to meet individually with their college advisers during college admissions process in addition to the mandatory college advising classes.

  • Parents are encouraged to discuss the financial aid and scholarship process with the College Advising Office.

  • Parents are encouraged to call and make an appointment with a College Advisor by contacting chrystal.dyess@culver.org at 574-842-8426.


Academic Affairs

Minimum Standards for Independent Learning at Culver

Culver educates its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual- mind, spirit, and body – through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character.

Students at Culver are expected to meet the following independent standards to prepare them for the rigors of university study.

Culver Students must…
  • Meet minimum curriculum standards to complete all grad requirements without external coursework.
  • Responsibly handle daily obligations (able to take meds without supervision, attend meetings, responsible for personal hygiene) in a group environment
  • Attend class/meetings on time with a willingness to try, be wrong, and reconsider their understanding
  • Independently submit assignments on time each day. Culver students must be able to follow homework instructions without supervision. Students should expect an hour of homework a night per each class
  • Communicate with their teacher and unit counselor regularly through email and in-person meetings
  • Ask questions and ask to meet with teachers as needed
  • Collaborate with others in a classroom environment by portraying curiosity and a love of learning 
Accommodations (Learning Support Plans)

Students seeking classroom accommodations are welcome at Culver. To apply for classroom accommodations, students must submit a neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation completed within the past 3 years. Our Learning Accommodations offered at Culver include:

  • 50% Extended Time Testing
  • Access to audio books for Humanities Class texts (students may be required to purchase additional audio material at their own expense)
  • Ability to have tests questions read aloud using recorded software
  • Able to receive a copy of class notes, or to receive guided notes
  • Preferential seating away from distractions
  • Option to use a word processor for essays
  • If Language Based Learning Diagnosis, option to wave 3rd year World Languages and Cultures Requirement
External Tutors/Coursework Expectations

Culver Academies discourages enrollment in most external programs during the academic year, including enrollment in AP prep courses. We do not recommend that students engage in tutoring during the academic year as teachers should be the primary resource for students. However, if tutoring is pursued, we encourage students to participate on the weekends.